Site Similarity Certification:

A new service for the Agroindustry

Optimizing zonal trial planning and substituting agricultural field trials

Our service “Site Similarity Certification” (SSC) proves the similarity of cropping sites by the use of satellite imagery.

As part of a Biological Assessment Dossier for the purpose of the registration of a plant protection product or a new seed variety, SSC can be used for:

  • Optimizing the strategic location of trial sites following the assessment of dissimilarity or the assessment of substitutability because of similarity
  • Bridging the lack of field trial data
  • Substituting field trials
  • Assessing the similarity of sites in the northern and southern hemisphere for shortening of field trials to only one year
  • Identifying trial sites with similar site characteristics (1:n)
  • Proving the similarity of sites across countries and the boundaries of zones (1:1)

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